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2022-03-12 05:52:32 By : Mr. xing long

Methods represents select lathe manufacturer Weiler’s products in North America.

Methods Machine Tools Inc., a supplier of high-quality machine tools and automation systems in North America, began representing select Weiler products in North America effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Weiler, a German manufacturer of precision flat-bed lathes, specializes in high-mix, low-volume jobs, and long workpieces. Methods represents the company’s V-Series and E-Series lathes.

Weiler lathes enable everyone from entry-level operators to seasoned machinists to create and alter complex cutting programs on-the-fly through conversational programming, effortless controls, and ability to run as either manual or CNC machines.

“We’ve long known about the strong history and strength of the Weiler brand. So, in closing our purchase of Koch Machine Tool, we didn’t waste any time pursuing a formal partnership with Weiler,” said Methods President and CEO Mark Wright. “When we visited Weiler’s factory in Emskirchen, Germany, we got a first-hand look at their expert level of craftsmanship and attention to detail the company developed through 80 years of manufacturing. Weiler builds high-quality machines, but like our other partnerships, this is more than just expanding our products and services. We share the same values and long-term vision, so joining forces is a perfect fit.”

Weiler machines use cycle-control technology, allowing users to create specific machining processes that can be stored and arranged in any order for high-mix/low-volume jobs. Intuitive software and versatile controls enable quick part-to-part changeovers and minimize setup time.

Critical components such as the machine bed, slide, and headstock are made from cast iron to increase vibration dampening capabilities and ensure lifelong accuracy. Users can remove large amounts of hard-to-cut materials without sacrificing speed or accuracy due to the machine's anti-friction bearings and torsion-resistant bed.

“Methods’ insightful, diligent network of support, service, and application teams are a perfect fit for Weiler machines,” said Weiler’s Head of Sales Walter Nirschl. “This mutually-beneficial agreement is going to allow more manual machinists to utilize CNC technology and empower CNC experts to take on larger, more complex jobs. Methods is going to help shops understand how a Weiler could fit into their machining ecosystem.”

The E-Series line of lathes offer powerful main drives, heavy-duty beds, and expansive spindle bores. The E-series has up to 87hp and can handle a range of maximum workpiece diameters, ranging from 13.0" to 78.7". The machines have spindle bores up to 17.7" in diameter.

The V-Series comprise two 4-bed way precision lathes with vast work envelopes designed for long workpieces. The machines enable operators to turn through the steady rests, which reduces manual intervention. Weiler designed the V-Series to be more efficient and provide the optimal machining process. The V90 can handle a maximum workpiece diameter of 37.0", while the V110 can machine workpieces up to 45.7". Both series of machines can handle workpieces up to 590".

Methods appointed John LeFlore as the product manager for Weiler machines. LeFlore has more than 30 years of machining experience, including the last 17 years representing Weiler products in Texas and Louisiana as an application engineer and sales representative at Koch Machine Tool.

“The partnership between Weiler and Methods is going to create an amazing opportunity for machine shops across North America,” LeFlore said. “The rigidity, power and the ability to program any part detail quickly and efficiently with the conversational control makes me excited to show more shops how a Weiler can benefit and enhance their machining capacity.”

U.S. Air Force’s Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP) Phase 2 tests to begin Q1 2022.

GE has concluded phase 1 testing on its second XA100 adaptive cycle engine as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP). Phase 1 testing took place at GE’s Evendale, Ohio, altitude test facility and enabled GE to continue gathering high-quality performance data validating the engine’s transformational propulsion capability. Phase 2 tests will begin at the U.S. Air Force’s advanced testing facilities at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) in Q1 2022.

“Phase 1 testing allowed us to further characterize the operation of the engine and puts us in a great position to begin Phase 2 testing at AEDC,” said David Tweedie, GE Edison Works’ general manager for Advanced Combat Engines. “We continue to burn down risk with full-scale engine testing, which is why the XA100 is the lowest risk, most capable, and fastest approach to keep the F-35 a preeminent fighter platform for the long term.”

GE’s XA100 became the world’s first ever flight-weight, three-stream adaptive cycle engine in December 2020 before initiating tests on its second engine in August 2021. GE’s engine is uniquely designed to fit both the F-35A and F-35C without any structural modifications to either airframe, enabling better aircraft range, acceleration, and cooling power to accommodate next-generation mission systems.

The XA100-GE-100 engine combines three key innovations to deliver a generational change in combat propulsion performance:

These revolutionary innovations increase thrust 10%, improve fuel efficiency by 25%, and provide significantly more aircraft heat dissipation capacity, all within the same physical envelope as current propulsion systems. The XA100’s improved fuel efficiency provides significant reduction in carbon emissions. The engine will also operate on any U.S. Air Force-approved biofuels.

“Between the step-change fuel efficiency improvement and enhanced durability of our advanced materials, this engine provides the maximum opportunity to increase readiness and reduce operational and lifecycle costs,” Tweedie added. “No upgrade of a legacy propulsion system can simultaneously provide the revolutionary improvements in fuel efficiency, thrust, power and thermal management, and durability as the XA100 engine.”

The XA100 is a product of GE Edison Works, a business unit dedicated to the research, development, and production of advanced military solutions. This business unit has full responsibility for strategy, innovation, and execution of advanced programs.

Identifying, planning, and implementing technologies that futureproof aerospace manufacturing.

The factory of the future, machine learning, and digital twin are just a few of the terms that are popping up in the manufacturing sector’s path toward digital transformation. There are endless perspectives and definitions on these topics but very little on how to approach these as a strategy. “The Factory of the Future” digital panel, hosted by Librestream’s Neal Tomblyn and Dan Flynn, with Lockheed Martin’s Sr. Program Manager for Advanced Technology Solutions Corey Cook, will help explain the challenges aerospace manufacturers are currently facing, how they are meeting and solving these now and into the future, and some of the technologies that are helping to make it possible. This panel will help you understand:

Join us for this 60-minute panel!

Presenters Neal Tomblyn, former Lockheed Martin Executive and Librestream Senior Advisor, Aerospace and Defense, has more than 40 years of extensive leadership transforming and creating growth for Aerospace and Defense businesses both domestically and internationally with start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. After retiring from Lockheed Martin Corp. in December of 2019, Tomblyn formed Ingenius Partners LLC where his focus is on creating growth environments and opportunities for early-stage disruptive technology and solution companies supporting digital transformation. Previously, Tomblyn was the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Lockheed Martin for Training and Logistics Solutions focusing on the global military aircraft market.

Dan Flynn has 20 years’ experience in sales and business development at companies ranging from early stage, high growth to global corporations. At Librestream, Flynn is VP for North American Sales. His experience includes Networking, Security, Hosting, Video, Enterprise and SaaS software platforms, and Big Data.

Prior to Librestream, Dan was Head of Channel Sales for Comcast Technology Solutions, the global market leader in SaaS Platform OTT Video.

Corey A. Cook is Senior Program Manager, Training, Logistics & Sustainment, Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida. As the Senior Program Manager for Advanced Technology Concepts, Cook is responsible for logistics and sustainment strategic planning, disruptive technology innovation, integration, and development. His programs include Global Supply Chain, Autonomous Systems, Micro-electronics Anti-Counterfeit and Provenance, IIoT Asset Tracking and Management, Holographic Visualization, AR/VR Distributed Maintenance, and related 5G program implementation.

Unitized gib-guided frame provides superior guidance and rigidity.

Beckwood Press Co., a manufacturer of custom hydraulic and servo-electric presses, automation systems, and the Triform line of precision forming equipment, has launched Ascent™, a line of standard, high-quality hydraulic presses.

Ascent presses are pre-engineered for cost efficiency and can reduce cost and lead time by 50% compared to custom presses without sacrificing quality or performance. With models ranging from 30 tons to 500 tons and 21 different frame sizes, the Ascent line offers an array of choices for manufacturers and jobs shops of every size.

Every Ascent press features a unitized gib-guided frame which provides superior guidance and rigidity. Speed, stroke, daylight, and shut height are fully configurable to the customer’s exact needs, while options for heated platens, HPU configurations, and safety equipment add to the line’s flexibility. As with all Beckwood presses, the Ascent line is built in the USA, engineered for Infinite Life using finite element analysis, and backed by the company’s robust service and support team.

“Beckwood is known for custom presses and machinery, but we recognized an unmet need in the marketplace for cost-effective forming equipment with a shorter lead time that’s built and supported in the USA,” said Beckwood President Jeffrey Debus. “The Ascent line meets all those needs and more while offering customers countless options for customization.”

Around 6,000 to be hired worldwide in the first part of 2022.

As the aerospace industry shows strong signs of recovery post-COVID-19, and while Airbus continues to prepare the future of aviation and implement its roadmap for decarbonization, the company intends to start 2022 with a recruitment plan of around 6,000 new hires worldwide across the entire group.

“Airbus has demonstrated resilience throughout the COVID crisis and has laid the foundations for a bold future for sustainable aviation. This can only be achieved by acquiring the right talents in the various domains of expertise that will help us grow our activities as we come out of the crisis, while preparing the long-term transformation of the company”, said Thierry Baril, Airbus chief human resources & workplace officer.

“Following this initial wave of recruitment, which will take place worldwide and across all our businesses, the number of external hires will be reassessed before mid-year 2022 and we will adjust our needs accordingly. Not only will we look at acquiring the new skills that Airbus needs in the post-COVID world, but we will also do our utmost to reinforce diversity across the company, fostering a safe and inclusive culture reinforcing Team Airbus to be ready to pioneer sustainable aerospace.”

About a quarter of the planned recruitments should focus on acquiring the new skills to support the company’s long-term projects and ambition, notably in the fields of decarbonization, digital transformation, and cyber technology. A third of the total recruitment will be allocated to young graduates.

To learn more about the broad range of opportunities available at Airbus, potential applicants can visit the Airbus careers website.